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Finding Low Cost Health Insurance

Low cost health insurance to most people means finding the lowest monthly premium. Getting a plan with the lowest premium usually means it has a high deductible or limited coverage. One must first decide what type of coverage they are looking before they can find the lowest cost health plan.

One way to get the lowest premium is to have a high deductible plan with no co-pays for doctor office visits. You can save hundreds of dollars per month by simply by paying for your own doctor office visits. If you seldom see the doctor this may be a low cost health insurance option for you.

Many people waste hundreds of dollars per month on co-pay plans that they never use. Just having the co-pay option on your health insurance plan can raise the monthly cost by 100 dollars or more. A doctor office visit usually cost between 85.00 – 120.00. If you only see the doctor 2 times per year you can be paying for too much coverage.

Below Are Some Basic Low Cost Health Insurance Terms You Need To Know:

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